5 Best Lawn Care Services in Tennessee

Tennessee Lawn Care Services BadgeTennessee in turf grass land is considered a transitional climate.

Cold and warm season grasses will do well at different times of the year.

The trick pros use for a perfect year round lawn is to overseed the lawn with one cool season grass and one warm season grass. This way they compliment each other at different times of year.

The process is not hugely complicated but if you would prefer getting a lawn care company in then we got you covered.

We did the research so you don’t have to and found the best lawn care companies in 5 of Tennessee’s biggest cities.

Check them out below.

The Best Lawn Care Service Companies in 5 Different Areas of Tennessee

Best Lawn Care Services in Nashville

Company: Performance Lawns Inc.

Website: www.performancelawnsinc.com

Contact: 615-708-5549

Cost: Use website form to get instant quote

About The Company: The recommended lawn care company for Nashville is Performance Lawns Inc. because they have great reviews on third party sites like Google Reviews, Thumbtack, Angies List and Yelp. They are dependable, affordable and people love the work they complete. Get your lawn looking like a football field in no time.


Best Lawn Care Services in Memphis

Company: Grazz Masters

Website: https://GrazzMasters.com

Contact: 901-474-1625

Cost: Use form to get cost estimate

About The Company: If you’re in Memphis give Grazz Masters a call. They do mowing, lawn maintenance, mulching, sod, irrigation, leaf removal and snow removal in winter. They have plenty of glowing testimonial from past customers on how they show up on time are affordable and got their lawn in tip-top shape.


Best Lawn Care Services in Knoxville

Company: Emerald Island Lawn Services

Website: https://EmeraldIslandLawnService.com

Contact: 865-588-4497

Cost: Contact them by phone for free quote

About The Company: The recommended lawn care contractor for Knoxville area is Emerald Island Lawn Services because they have shown to customers they are great at their job. Third party review sites like Google Reviews (as you can see below) and Yelp, Thumbtack and more show outstanding ratings based off customer reviews. They offer the full range of landscape services including, aeration, tree and shrub trimming, pest control and lawn mowing. Be sure to give them a call for your lawn project.


Best Lawn Care Services in Chattanooga

Company: Grass Monkeys

Website: https://www.GrassMonkeysTN.com

Contact: 423-716-3300 or email: grassmonkeysTN@gmail.com

Cost: Call for free costing

About The Company: Grass Monkeys is your go-to for lawn maintenance because they are the best in the Chattanooga area. Offering a full range of services including mosquito prevention and and flea and tick prevention they also offer the regular tree and shrub care and lawn treatments you would expect. So if you want your lawn to makes your neighbors jealous be sure to give them a call.


Best Lawn Care Services in Clarksville

Company: Clean Cut Lawn Service

Website: www.CleanCutClarksville.com

Contact: 931-801-5044

Cost: Call for quote

About The Company: Give Clean Cut Lawn Service a call if you need your lawn taken care of in the Clarksville area. They have the knowledge to get your lawn the best in the neighborhood.


How To Grow And Maintain Healthy Grass in Tennessee

Tennessee will be best suited for transitional season grasses.

  • Importance of Soil in Tennessee: Take a home kit soil test to see the condition of your top soil. It will tell you the pH balance and the nutrients or lack of. Follow the instructions from the home soil kit test to add nitrogen feed or lime (make less acidic) based on the needs of your soil.
  • Tennessee Grass Types: Tall fescue, Ryegrass, Zoysia, kentucky bluegrass, bermuda grass.
  • Mowing Needs: It really depends on the grass seed you choose. In general, you will want to mow it down to 1.5 to 2.5 inches.
  • Water Needs: Again this depends on the grass type you choose and how drought tolerant it is. Ryegrass and kentucky bluegrass need the most watering and bermuda and tall fescue the least.
  • Other Maintenance Needs: All these grass types will have common pests. Whether it be bill bugs, leaf spot, grubs or webworms be sure to perform the proper pest control to get the most healthy lawn possible.

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