5 Best Lawn Care Services in North Carolina

North Carolina Lawn Care Services BadgeIf you want a lawn service company in North Carolina that will get and keep your grass healthy, be professional and have affordable services…

…They you’re in the right place.

Because the companies listed here are well reviewed, insured, and licensed to make the process of getting your lawn healthy a cinch.

Also, below the best contractor listing are tips to growing a healthy lawn in North Carolina without the professional service fee.

The Best Lawn Care Service Companies To Hire in 5 Different Areas of North Carolina: 

Best Lawn Care Services in Charlotte

Company: The Green Team

Website: www.JoinTheGreenTeam.com/Lawn-Care-Charlotte

Contact: (704) 800 – 5007

Cost: Get a free quote from their website quote page.

About The Company: The recommended lawn care company in the Charlotte area is The Green Team because they have outstanding reviews on third party review sites like Google, Yelp, Angies List and Thumbtack. With so many happy customers you can rest easy knowing you are getting an affordable lawn care professional who can complete all your landscaping and lawn project this spring and summer. They even have a cool offer where you get your first lawn service for free so be sure to give them a call.


Best Lawn Care Services in Raleigh

Company: Wake Pro Lawn Care

Website: https://WakeProLawnCare.com

Contact: 919 – 926 – 8610 or info@wakeprolawncare.com

Cost: Monthly packages starting at $245

About The Company: The recommended Raleigh lawn care company is Wake Pro Lawn Care. They offer lawn care packages in a subscription model where you get a weekly mow, quarterly hedge time and weekly seasonal leaf cleanup. In addition, they have a perfect approval rating of 5/5 off nearly 100 reviews. Give them a call if you’re in the Raleigh area.


Best Lawn Care Services in Asheville

Company: BuckTom Services

Website: https://BuckTom.com

Contact: 828 – 281 – 2825 or steve@bucktom.com

Cost: Call or email for your free cost estimate

About The Company: Buck Tom Services, LLC is the recommended lawn care contractor for the Asheville area because they 15 years experience taking care of people’s lawns in the area. They also have great reviews and offer a range of landscaping services to ensure your project is done on time and on budget.


Best Lawn Care Services in Wilmington

Company: Fish Water Landscaping

Website: https://FishWaterLandscaping.com

Contact: 910 – 859 – 1725

Cost: Free online estimate here. They charge $60 for each service (minimum) which includes mowing, edging, weeds and blowing. For lawn fertilization it is $400 for the year. Contact them for further costing.

About The Company: With over 10 years experience caring for lawns in the Wilmington area the recommended service provider is Fish Water Landscaping. They offer the full range of lawn care services so your lawn will be looking fantastic all year.


Best Lawn Care Services in Greensboro

Company: Nature’s Select Lawn Care

Website: www.MySelectLawn.com

Contact: 888 – 786 – 9735

Cost: Call or fill out form on website for free cost estimate

About The Company: Give Nature’s Select Lawn Care company a call if you need landscaping and lawn mowing services in the Greensboro area. They have 25 years experience turning crap lawns into perfect lawns in the exact climate region of the area. If you want a golf green quality lawn be sure to get in touch.


Want to do the work yourself?

What Everybody Ought To Know About Growing and Maintaining Healthy Green Grass in North Carolina

In North Carolina you can grow transitional or warm season grasses depending if you are in the inland mountains regions or the coastal plain region.

  • Importance of Soil in North Carolina: Most soil in the area is acidic so will need some lime treatment to bring down the pH. Do a soil test to check.
  • North Carolina Grass Types: Tall fescue, Kentucky Bluegrass, Perennial ryegrass and fine fescue.
  • Mowing Needs: Mow the grass down to 1 – 2 inches for the best growing conditions. Use a reel mower for the most precise cut.
  • Water Needs: If it is a newly seeded lawn you’ll need to water daily. If your lawn is established once a week is fine.
  • Other Maintenance Needs: Pest control and fertilization is important so be sure to  do both.

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