The 7 Best Lawn Mowers of 2022

The 7 best lawn mowers are listed below…

…Spend minutes not hours finding the best one for your needs – even if you’ve never used one.

Why should you trust this ranking?

  1. Our experience – lawnmanual has spent 1000s of hours (since June 2014) researching lawn mowers, how they work, how to use them and we have tested and used 23 different ones (so far).
  2. Our practical knowledge – Combine our team’s mechanical engineering experience with the hands-on real-life use testing for lawnmanual and the benefits and downfalls of each lawn mower becomes easy to spot.
  3. Our aim is to help you find the best lawn mower for you – The best 7 are chosen after our field notes are reviewed and comparisons made, then the buying advice is detailed below.

So if you plan on using your new lawn mower to:

  • Make quick work of your small lawn
  • Make your neighbour jealous with your home’s impressive curb appeal
  • Get your big backyard ready for a summer BBQ and game of football with the family

Then you’re in the right place.

Let’s dive right in:

Quick Look: 3 Best Mowers

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Best Gas Mower

Honda 21-inch Self-Propelled
Honda best gas powered lawn mower

  • Reliable and durable Honda engine for long life
  • Two cutting blades for increased mow performance
  • Perfect for the lawn care obsessed

See full specs…

Best Electric Mower

EGO 21-inch Battery Powered
EGO Best Battery Electric Mower

  • Battery lasts 1-hour so you can easily mow 1/2 acre on 1 charge
  • Cordless, no fumes, quiet, low maintenance so you can actually enjoy the mow
  • Self-propelled

See full specs…

Best Reel Mower

Scotts Outdoor 20-inch 5-Blade
Scotts Outdoors Reel Mower

  • Zero maintenance, no gas or oil and no noise
  • Rotary blades don’t tear your grass leaving it healthy and thriving
  • Affordable and it’s what golf courses use on their greens

See full specs…

3 Best Gas Lawn Mowers

1) Husqvarna 7021P 21-inch Blade Gas Powered Honda Engine Mower

Husqvarna 160CC Honda Engine Gas Lawn MowerTwo words: Honda engine.

When you buy a petrol lawn mower – you’re buying an internal combustion engine with some parts attached to cut grass…

…So it makes sense that the best lawn mower is powered by the best engine – Honda.

Husqvarna is a very large, trusted brand in the power products category and when you pair that with a durable, reliable and powerful engine you get the best walk-behind petrol mower for most people.

It has fold down handles to make storing under your work bench easy. It has larger 12-inch rear wheels to make tight turning in the corners of your lawn easy. It is CARB Compliant meaning it complies with California air quality standards. And it’s currently 23% off with free shipping.

2) Poulan Pro Side Discharge Petrol Briggs & Stratton Engine Mower

Poulan Pro Briggs and Stratton Gas Engine Bagless Law MowerThis is a great lawn mower. Its engine, a Briggs & Stratton, ensures long life and consistency. Only reason it’s number 2 is because I think most people want to bag their grass clipping?

After that whole spiel about engines above, I should mention B & S are the second largest producers of small petrol engines in the world. Second to Honda. And B & S engines are just as popular for use on other brands’ lawn mowers.

The Poulan Pro is lightweight (40 pounds) making it easy to push – even up slopes. It has a recoil start, option for mulching and side discharge, and a 21-inch blade.

If you don’t need to bag your grass clippings then get this one because it’s 30% less money than the Husqvarna.

3) LawnBoy 21-inch Blade Petrol Kohler Engine Mower

LawnBoy Kohler Gas Engine Lawn MowerLawnBoy was bought by Toro lawn mower company in 1989, and this is their showing on the best lawn mower list (couldn’t leave Toro out).

For about the same price as the Poulan Pro, you’re getting the option to bag your grass. And you can get a free side discharge chute by sending in your registration card to LawnBoy.

It has a Kohler OHV automatic choke engine, so no priming required. And it has an all steel deck adjustable to 2 heights.

Honda is a great engine – Kohler is good too – and you can rest easy knowing that Toro has put this one together. So if you’re not fussed about Honda vs Kohler vs B & S then get this mower and save 30% compared to the Husqvarna.

3 Best Electric Lawn Mowers

1) Cordless GreenWorks GMAX Electric Mower

GreenWorks GMAX Cordless Electric Lawn Mower ReviewGreenWorks’ cordless mower is the best cordless on the market.

It uses dual blades instead of a single blade claiming better cut and better battery efficiency. Marketing or truth? Well, out of 130 customer reviews people rate it on average 4.2 / 5 stars.

There’s a variety of battery setups to use, including different combinations of 2 and 4 Ah Lithium-ion batteries. With 2x 4Ah batteries you get about 2 hours of run-time. With 1x 2 Ah and 1x 4 Ah (what the mower comes with) you get about 70 minutes of mowing.

The reason this is the number 1 cordless and not the Black & Decker below is because it is cheap and 30 pounds lighter.

2) Corded GreenWorks 12 Amp 20-inch Blade Electric Mower

Greenworks Corded Electric Lawn Mower ReviewFor most people, a corded electric mower does the trick. Overall, it is the most hassle-free option – low maintenance, no fuel or oil, most affordable etc. And if you only have a modest yard I doubt cord management is much worry.

This model by GreenWorks is the most popular and most affordable lawn mower on the market. It’s less than cordless mowers and less than petrol ones.

As you can see it has a grass catching bag and also offers side discharge and mulching. It has an adjustable deck to give you 7 different cutting heights. Make sure to purchase a cord (12 Amp) as it doesn’t come with for some reason.

3) Cordless Black & Decker Self Propelled Electric Mower

Black and Decker Cordless Self Propelled Electric Lawn MowerCordless electric lawn mowers are fast becoming the most popular option for home owners.

You get a mower that can run for 1 hour or 2 on one charge (depending on if self propel is on). And no loud petrol engine to maintain or refuel. And no electric cord to get in the way.

Best of both worlds? A great option for small and medium lawns that are well kept, but in terms of brute power, electric still lags behind petrol. So if you’re mowing thick, unkept, large lawns for a job – get petrol…

…If you want electric, then this is one of the best cordless electric mowers. Made by Black & Decker, it’s even self-propelled (with the option to switch off to save battery) and mows up to 60 mins on one charge.

It is an expensive unit but is often on special.

2 Best Reel Mowers For Small Lawns

1) Fiskars 18-inch Easier-to-Push Reel Mower

Fiskars 18inch Reel MowerThe best reel lawn mower for most lawns is this 18-inch Fiskars. Reel mowers offer a serenity to mowing the lawn sort of like rowing a canoe versus steering a motor boat. It’s really a matter of preference…

…And although you may be confused at the price tag you’re getting a sturdy, well made piece of mechanical equipment (I mean look at those $400 Japanese knives).

Some advantages of this reel mower: It’s lightweight and easier to push around than gas or electric mowers. It clips instead of tearing your grass so leaves a nicer, fresher looking lawn. It throws the clippings away from your feet (you can purchase a grass catcher extra).

Keep in mind this mower will only cut when moving forward so if you have many turns and awkward edges on your lawn it may be troublesome. But all together this is the best reel mower, and you’ll never worry about maintenance, noise, pollution or ongoing costs.

2) Great States 16-inch 5-Blade Reel Mower

Great States 5 Blade Ball Bearing Reel Mower ReviewAt almost three times less money than the above reel mower is the second best lawn mower in the reel category for most people – the Great States 5-blade 16-inch mower.

It’s half the weight of the Fiskars, which makes it a desirable option for frequent mowing of small lawns.

Again, a reel mower is a preference, and this one is a great option. You can let your young kids use this mower under supervision without worry about projectiles or safety. If you prefer a reel mower have a look at this one.

3) GreenWorks 5-Blade Reel Mower With Grass Catcher

GreenWorks 5 Blade Reel Lawn Mower With Grass CatcherGreenworks makes some of the best lawn mower in the enviro friendly categories. And their reel mower is no slouch. It’s the only one on this list that comes out of the box with a grass catcher.

Like the other reel mowers, you’ll have to do some assembly. But people rave about how easy this unit is to put together. Just a wrench and tightening some nuts.

This is a great reel mower; however, if you’re buying this unit for the grass catcher, don’t. If you look, it’s just connected with a single hook so not very sturdy.

Recap: 7 Best Lawn Mowers For 2022 

To recap, here are the 7 best we tested (so far over 100s of hours) lawn mowing wet grass, tall grass, hilly terrain, tight spaces and even a 20 acre grass field:

  • Honda
  • Toro
  • Ego
  • Greenworks

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

What brand of lawn mower is the most reliable?

Honda and Toro are known for their reliable lawn mowers.

  • Honda uses Honda small engines
  • Toro uses Briggs & Stratton small engines

Honda makes the most small engines for powered products. Briggs & Stratton makes the second most. Both have experience and the engineering teams to make the best small engines. As such they are reliable and durable. In addition, because these small engines are so common – there are many lawn mower repair shops near you.

What is better Honda or Toro?

They are both great.

It comes down to what model best suits your needs. In terms of mower deck width: Toro has more options to choose.

In terms of availability near you they are both equal and commonly found everywhere.

You’ll find Toro to be more affordable and Honda mowers to have bigger engines.

How do you decide between gas, electric or a reel mower?

Here are the pros and cons of all the types of walk-behind lawn mowers:


  • Good: More affordable power. You don’t have to charge batteries or deal with electric cord. More portable because don’t rely on electric outlets.
  • Bad: Have to wear earplugs. Have fumes and exhaust in your face (pollution). Have to purchase oil and petrol, which means extra running cost and hassle. Have to replace the spark plug and other parts over its life.

Cordless Electric

  • Good: Don’t have to wear earplugs or deal with fumes and pollution. Don’t have to deal with electric cord while still getting the benefits of low maintenance and running cost.
  • Bad: Have to charge the batteries after 1 hour use. High upfront cost (2x price corded electric and 1.5x price petrol mowers).

Corded Electric

  • Good: Low cost. Don’t have to deal with refuelling or costs associated with maintaining a petrol engine. Don’t have to wear earplugs. Lightweight and easy to push.
  • Bad: Have to deal with electric cord while mowing.


  • Good: Zero maintenance and running cost. Lowest upfront cost. Clips grass instead of chopping/tearing grass leaving it looking fresh and healthy. Makes mowing more pleasurable (somehow).
  • Bad: No option to bag grass. You’ll have to do several passes over – making large lawns take too long.

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2. The LawnBoy brand website was used to find further details about their mower. Also, the Wikipedia page for the company was read to learn about their history, and discover they are owned by Toro.

3. The Husqvarna lawn mower website became useful when I was checking on the Honda engine specs used on their mowers.

4. GreenWorks range of products is all “Green” as in they have no pollution. All their mowers are made in China by Globe Tools Co., LTD (see the Greenworks logo at the bottom of this webpage?) Not that this is a problem. Most of the mowers these days are manufactured there.