Tall Fescue Grass: What You Need To Know About The Most Common Lawn Grass In California

Tall Fescue GrassTall fescue grass is a cool season grass native to Europe. It is commonly found throughout the transitional zone of the USA.

It is a type of grass that occupies 1.5% of all land area in the USA (35,000,000 acres). This fact is impressive considering it was not introduced until the 1940s.

It forms deep roots making it more traffic tolerant than other fescues. As its name suggests it should be mowed high and infrequent.

Tall Fescue Grass Features

Growing season. Cool season/transitional season grass that grows fast in the spring and fall.

Shade tolerance. Moderate/high shade tolerance.

Sun requirement. Needs 4 – 6+ hours but grows with only moderate sun so long as mowed to correct height of 2 inches or higher.

Drought tolerance. Highly drought resistant. Prefers dry clay soil.

Foot traffic tolerance. Moderate/high traffic tolerance. Deep root make it much more tolerant than other fescue grass.

Maintenance needs. Low maintenance in transitional zone. Requires seasonal fertilizer. Requires mowing. Moderate/high maintenance because of watering needs in southern states.

Disease tolerance. Fairly tolerant of disease but is prone to pest problems. Products should be used at first evidence of problem.

Tall Fescue Grass Lawn Mowing

Mowing height. Must be left longer than other grasses to ensure enough sun absorption through its leaf. This limits its use to golf faraway roughs, lawns and pastures. A minimum height 1.5 – 3 inches is recommended.

Recommended lawn mower. Adjustable height mowers are recommended. The best reel mowers always offer a great cut.

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