Find the Best Push Mower for Your Needs Today

Best Push MowerThe most popular push lawn mower on the market is a corded electric mower.


Probably because it’s the most affordable.

But petrol lawn mowers are not much more cash and you don’t have the cord annoyance.

And not much more again you see the cordless battery powered electric lawn mowers. They avoid the cord annoyance and loud petrol engine but run out of charge after an hour or so.

You see: all lawn mowers have their pros and cons.

Here’s what they are, and how to know which should matter to you.

Gas Lawn Mowers 

Poulan Pro Briggs and Stratton Gas Engine Bagless Law MowerWhen it comes to push mowers, petrol ones are best suited for: larger lawns (over 1 hour mow), more frequent use (daily) and more stubborn grass (long, wet and unkept).

They will run for hours on one tank of gasoline. Will provide more cutting torque than electric or reel. And not break the bank.

However, with all this good comes some bad: loud engine, exhaust smoke, more frequent servicing and extra cost of oil and fuel compared to electricity.

Electric Lawn Mowers: Corded and Cordless

GreenWorks Corded Electric Best Lawn MowerCorded electric lawn mowers are best suited for small to medium lawns that are mowed regularly. Their restriction is the electric cord length. They offer affordable upfront cost, low maintenance and running cost and a quiet emission free mow.

Cordless electric lawn mowers are best suited for lawns that take no more than 1.5 hours to mow. Then, at 1.5 hours max, you’ll have to charge the batteries before finishing the job. Cordless offers all the advantages of corded with the added benefit of no cord getting in the way. However, they are the most upfront cost.

Benefits of Reel Lawn Mowers

Great States 5 Blade Ball Bearing Reel Mower ReviewReel lawn mowers start clipping the grass when you start moving them forward. Because they don’t have fast turning blades they avoid the risk of throwing projectiles. For this reason they are the safest mowers, and you could let your kids do the mow.

They are best for small, well kept lawns, but if you feel up to it can be used for large lawns. They are preferred by many because they leave the grass looking like a golf course as they clip the grass instead of tearing it.


About your guide: Jamey Kramar is a certified Lawn Care Manager (NALP) and a Mechanical Engineer by trade. He has been writing about outdoor power equipment for 11 years and has been quoted in NYTimes, Popular Mechanics, HowStuffWorks, iFixit,, and more. He spends his spare time disassembling things and also building an off-grid cabin at his 200-acre property.