Zoysia Grass: Everything You Need To Know

Zoysia GrassZoysia grass is a warm season grass widely used for residential lawns and golf course fairways. It is native to Australia, China, Japan and southeast Asia.

People love zoysia grass because it is fine, soft and slow growing. It does require moderate maintenance and lots of water like bermuda grass. A reel mower is recommended.

Zoysia Grass Features

Growing season. Warm season grass that is quick to start growing in Spring. Turns brown in Winter.

Shade tolerance. Moderately tolerant of shade.

Drought tolerance. Tolerant of drought but will stop growing and start to turn brown.

Foot traffic tolerance. Very tolerant of heavy traffic. Makes it a type of grass that is ideal for sports fields.

Maintenance needs. Could be considered high maintenance. Requires seasonal thatching and frequent mowing.

Sun requirement. Requires at least 6 hours sunlight per day.

Disease tolerance. Very tolerant to disease. Pests are not a major problem.

Zoysia Grass Lawn Mowing

Mowing height. Zoysia grass requires frequent mowing for ideal health. In full sun conditions it should be mowed to 1 -2 inches every week. In shade conditions it should be mowed as frequently but the mowing height should be left higher.

Recommended lawn mower. Fiskars reel mower.

Sources and Further Reading

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