5 Best Lawn Care Services in Missouri

Missouri Lawn Care Services BadgeThe most common grass types for Missouri are transitional climate grasses that can withstand hot, humid summers and cold winters.

These grasses are zoysia, tall fescue, kentucky bluegrass and bermuda grass are the most common.

Each of these grasses requires different care and mowing heights.

So if you don’t want to bother learning how to take care of your lawn in Missouri then you’ll want to hire a lawn care company to do it for you.

We’ve researched over 60 lawn care companies in the state and have arrived at the best 5 below. Save time in your search and call one of the below contractors for your lawn maintenance needs.

The Best Lawn Care Service Companies in 5 Different Areas of Missouri

Best Lawn Care Services in Kansas City

Company: Benjamin Lawn & Landscape

Website: https://BenjaminLawn.com

Contact: 913-788-6089

Cost: Call for free quote

About The Company: The recommended lawn care contractor for Kansas City is Benjamin Lawn & Landscape because during our research we found amazing reviews of their work on third party sites like Thumbtack, Google Reviews and Yelp. They offer  full service lawn care to get your lawn looking its best. They have been in operation in the area for over 7 years and are familiar with the ins and outs of how different grasses perform so be sure to schedule an appointment to start your journey to the best lawn on your street.


Best Lawn Care Services in St. Louis

Company: 2 Bros That Mow

Website: www.StLouisLawnMowers.com

Contact: 314-795-4137 or email: stlouislawnmowers1@gmail.com

Cost: Use contact form on website for cost estimate

About The Company: The best lawn care and landscape company in the St. Louis area is 2 Bros That Mow because they put all their efforts in customer satisfaction. They are reliable and will call you about any delays to the job because of weather or other scheduling changes. They are dedicated to being affordable and high quality at the same time – which is hard. They started small and have grown and now own top-of-the-lawn lawn and garden equipment to get your lawn looking its best ready for BBQ season in no time.


Best Lawn Care Services in Springfield

Company: Proformance Lawn Care, Landscaping & Fertilization Inc.

Website: ProformanceLawnCare.com

Contact: 417 – 619 – 4441

Cost: Call for free cost estimate

About The Company: Give Proformance a call  if you’re in the Springfield, MO area and want the best lawn on your street. They have been taking care of lawns in the area for over 20 years and know everything there is to know. They offer a wide range of services: weed control, fertilization, overseeding, tree trimming, mulching, aeration and mowing.


Best Lawn Care Services in Columbia

Company: All Service Home and Lawn

Website: https://AllServiceHomeandLawn.com

Contact: 573-864-6451

Cost: Contact for quote

About The Company: If you’re in the Columbia area be sure to call All Service Home and Lawn for your lawn maintenance needs. They have great reviews and offer all the needed services at an affordable price.


How To Grow And Maintain Healthy Grass in Missouri

Transitional grasses are best for Missouri’s climate of humid summers and cold winters.

  • Importance of Soil in Missouri: Be sure to do a soil test on your lawn to know what nutrients need to be added. A home soil test will also tell you the pH balance of your soil. Most grasses will want a slightly acidic soil.
  • Arizona Grass Types: Tall fescue, zoysia, kentucky bluegrass, bermuda grass.
  • Mowing Needs: Mow to 1/3 the length each mow. Typically you want to keep the grass between 1.5 inches and 2.5 inches long.
  • Water Needs: Water as required based on local conditions. Water in the morning or evening during summer months is the typical advice.
  • Other Maintenance Needs: Fertilize 2-3 times per year. First when coming out of winter as the grass starts growing again and then again just before summer.

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