5 Best Lawn Mowing Services in Illinois

Illinois Lawn Care Services BadgeThe Chicago Cubs’ Wrigley Field is one of the most iconic baseball fields in America.

The grounds crew keeps the turf to perfection and it shows.

Have you dreamed of making your home lawn just like Wrigley Field’s grass?

With the help of a professional and over a few months to years you can get your perfect lawn.

You just need a lawn service company that will get and keep your grass healthy, be professional and have affordable services…

…But finding a company that can do all 3 is difficult. So we did the research so you don’t have to. The companies listed here are well reviewed, insured, and licensed to make the process of getting your lawn healthy a cinch.

The Best Lawn Care Service Companies in 5 Different Areas of Illinois

Best Lawn Care Service Chicago

Company: Greener Living

Website: www.GreenerLivinglawn.com

Contact: 224 – 415 – 3698 or email: contact@greenerlivinglawn.com

Cost: Fill out form on website for free cost estimate.

About The Company: The recommended lawn care company for Chicago is Greener Living Lawn because they have a 4.6/5 star rating with 121 reviews and they people rave about their service, on-time rate and affordable prices. Greener Living Lawn offer lawn mowing, lawn care, tree pruning and pest control services. So if you need those services and live in Chicago give them a call.


Best Lawn Care Service Aurora

Company: Lockhart’s Landscaping & Maintenance Inc.

Website: https://lockhartsland.com/

Contact: (630) 499 – 1326

Cost: $50 minimum. Get free quote by calling.

About The Company: Our recommended lawn care service company for Aurora is Lockhart’s Landscaping. They have high quality reviews because they offer a high quality service. Give them a call.


Best Lawn Care Service Naperville

Company: Green Drop Lawns

Website: www.GreenDrop.com/naperville

Contact: 1- 877 – 877 – 0706 or email greenkeeper@greendrop.com

Cost: Call for free quote.

About The Company: Green Drop Lawns is the recommended lawn care provider in Naperville because they have top reviews and offer all the lawn care services you need.


Best Lawn Care Service Joliet

Company: Nature Scape Lawn and Landscape

Website: Naturescapelawncare.com

Contact: (815) 725 – 2800 or email: joliet@naturescapelawncare.com

Cost: Call or email for cost estimate.

About The Company: The recommended lawn care company for Joliet area is Nature Scape. They have been operating in the area since 1986 and have been nationally recognized for their services for the past 17 years running. They know the grass in the area and how to maintain it for your perfect lawn.


Best Lawn Care Service Rockford

Company: Spring Green Lawn Care

Website: www.Spring-green.com

Contact: (815) – 282 – 0580

Cost: Call for free quote.

About The Company: Spring Green is the recommended lawn care company for Rockford. They have great reviews on third party website like Yelp and offer a range of services to cover your lawns needs.


Want to do the work yourself?

What Everybody Ought To Know About Growing and Maintaining Healthy Green Grass in Illinois

Depending where you live in Illinois you can grow cool and transitional season grasses the best.

  • Importance of Soil in Illinois: Fertilizer will be required 4-6 times per year for a perfect lawn.
  • Illinois Grass Types: Kentucky bluegrass, fine fescue, perennial ryegrass.
  • Mowing Needs: Mow 1/3 height and keep trim for best growing conditions.
  • Water Needs: Water weekly in summer months.
  • Other Maintenance Needs: Aerate.

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3. Illinois Mowing and Lawn Care Associations: Illinois Landscape Contractors Association

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