19 Best Father’s Day Gifts For Your Lawn Care Obsessed Dad

Father’s Day 2023 is on Sunday, June 18…

What will you get your lawn care obsessed dad this year?

  • A boring coffee mug?
  • A gift card he’ll lose?
  • A bag of peanuts?

No no no.

Look here:

We talked to 3 dads. They describe themselves as ‘lawn care nuts’. And they told us the Father’s Day gifts they would most appreciate.

We got over 50 suggestions and picked the 19 best:

19 Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Lawn Care Dads

1) The best garden hose (and nozzle) that won’t kink or be annoying

Garden hose and nozzle fathers day gift

Best Garden Hose

Nothing is more annoying than a crappy garden hose.

It kinks. It leaks. It fails after 1 year.

This year is the year to get your lawn care loving dad the best hose on the market: The Dramm 5/8 inch x 50 feet premium rubber hose. The engineers who designed this workhorse are so confident in it they offer a lifetime warranty.

Show your dad you care by giving him a kink free hose for Father’s Day.

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Best Nozzle For Your Garden Hose

Every premium hose needs a high performance nozzle.

Melnor makes the best.

It’s quick connect, offers multi spray patterns and is super affordable.

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2) A durable outdoor broom to make clean-up a breeze

Outdoor broom for dad

How many brooms has your dad gone through over the years?

Maybe 0. Maybe 4.

However many you can be sure he will approve of a new outdoor broom.

This one from O-Cedar is 24 inches wide and commercial grade.

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3) A new lawn mower

Honda lawn mower for fathers day gift

If you have a bunch of siblings why not pool all your Father’s Day (and dad’s birthday) money together to get him a new Honda lawn mower?

The one shown is the Honda HRX217.

It is an absolute beast. Your dad may never need another lawn mower. He will love it.

It has a 21 inch mower deck. Electric start. Self propelled.

Simply the best gas powered walk-behind mower on the market.

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4) A battery powered leaf blower

Battery leaf blower gift for dad

The Ego cordless blower is a great option for your dad.

It will save him many hours cleaning up grass clippings and leaves.

Although not the most affordable leaf blower – it is cordless – and dealing with the electric cord or the loud gas engine is just not ideal for such a mobile piece of garden equipment.

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5) Hands-free slip on waterproof work boots that are actually comfortable

Georgia slip on boots for dad

All 3 of the dad’s we talked to for this gift guide said slip on waterproof boots were a game changer.

Your dad can leave these at the door and when he comes down the stairs with full hands and slip them on with no hands needed.

The ones above are by Georgia Boot and are lightweight, comfortable and nice looking. These would even pair well with jeans and a collar shirt for a dinner out.

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6) A leaf rake that can handle big piles

Leaf rake fathers day gift

You are probably thinking: A leaf rake?

What a boring gift.

But you would be surprised.

A great rake is always there when it is needed. A dependable tool for a lawn care loving dad. He will definitely appreciate this upgrade.

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7) A new pair of gloves

Gardening gloves for your father

These breathable polyester gloves from COOLJOB will protect your dad’s hands when pruning shrubs, raking and mowing the lawn.

They come in a 2-pack and are only $10.

Really a no brainer if your dad is a lawn care enthusiast.

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8) An all-purpose bucket always comes in handy

All purpose buckets for dad

Coming in a pack of 2 (with lids) there is endless ways these buckets are useful.

Your dad can use them to store grass seed, dirt, baseballs for his softball league team, old oil before proper disposal, stuff for camping…

Made by Hudson these are 7 gallons, have a sturdy handle and made with food grade BPA-free plastic.

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9) A hat to protect from sun

Sun protection hat fathers day gift idea

Whether you live in Alaska, California or Indiana it is a great idea to protect the head, neck and ears from the sun – especially if your dad is out in the garden all day.

This one from Sunday Afternoons comes in 9 different colors and 5 different sizes so you’ll surely find the one best suited for your dad.

It has an SPF 50+ rating, is water resistant and 88% nylon/12% polyester to ensure comfort and durability.

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10) A jobsite radio

DeWalt jobsite radio for dad

Aside from mowing and blowing most lawn maintenance work is peace and quiet. And that’s great.

But some dads (most dads?) love to listen to the radio or their bluetooth podcasts/music when working away in the garden.

So that makes this jobsite tough radio from DeWalt a great Father’s Day gift.

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11) A hand saw for pruning thick branches

Pruning hand saw garden gift for dad

There’s loppers. There’s pruners. There’s shears.

But for the bigger branches your dad will need a pruning hand saw (or a chainsaw).

The one shown above is made by Silky Professional and would make a great gift come Father’s Day weekend.

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12) A medium size tarp to keep the driveway clean when fresh dirt is delivered or for collecting leaves and grass clipping for disposal

Tarp for fathers day gift

Your dad will find a tarp useful all around the yard and in the garage and shed.

You can use it as a cover for the lawn mower. To protect the back of the pickup truck or trunk of the van when picking up dirt from Home Depot. Can use it to rake leaves onto for easy disposal. Grass clipping as well.

This one from Trademark Supplies comes in 11 different colors and 9 different sizes. Depending on the size you choose for your dad the price ranges from $30 to $200.

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13) A durable sprinkler

Melnor sprinkler fathers day gift

From the same brand that makes the hose nozzle recommendation above is this premium sprinkler.

Melnor made the first lawn sprinkler in 1946 and continues to innovate in the space.

This one is their best model and comes with a metal base and lawn coverage of 4,500 square feet (about the size of a basketball court). It has a ton of other adjustments your dad will love.

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14) Bug spray that works

Bug spray from Cutter

Your dad will thank you now and later.

For only a couple of bucks you can protect your dad from mosquitos while out making the yard beautiful.

This bug spray actually works.

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15) A ladder that is easy to move and sturdy

4 Step Ladder for dad

Most lawn care and yard maintenance work doesn’t require a huge ladder that is hard to carry around and store.

For most uses one that gives you 4 – 5 feet of extra reach is perfect.

And that is why we suggest this 4 step ladder from HBTower as a Father’s day gift. It is easy to store and carry around. Can support over 300 pounds. And is affordable.

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16) The Lawn Bible to learn more lawn care tips and tricks

The Lawn Bible A book gift for dad

Everything anyone could ever want to know about getting the best quality lawn in the neighborhood is in The Lawn Bible.

If your lawn care obsessed dad doesn’t already have this book be sure to grab him a copy.

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17) Lawn Mowing Hearing Protection + Headphones

3M Work Heaphones and Hearing Protection

Lawn mowers are loud and can damage your father’s hearing if he doesn’t wear hearing protection.

These headphones from 3M are perfect for lawn mowing because they provide hearing protection and your dad can listen to podcasts or music via Bluetooth. He can also answer phone calls directly from the headphones by pushing the button twice.

The only drawback is they are earmuff style so if the weather is hot the ears will sweat.

These headphones are multi-use and can also be linked (Bluetooth) with his computer and TV.

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18) Battery Electric Lawn Mower To Keep His Ears Safe and Lungs Clean 

EGO best electric lawn mower

A battery electric lawn mower has zero maintenance, is lighter, quieter and emits no toxic fumes. You can also store it vertically or hang it from the wall as the handles flip down over top the mowing deck.

With a good capacity battery they last 30 – 40 minutes on 1 charge and are fully capable of mowing lawns as good if not better than gas powered mowers.

The best battery electric lawn mower – according to our testing – is the EGO Power+ 21″ self propelled model that comes with a 7.5Ah battery and high lift dual blades for better grass bagging.

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19) Battery Electric String Trimmer 

EGO String trimmer fathers day gift

Every lawn dad needs a good string trimmer for edging and cutting weeds and grass in hard to reach places a mower can’t get.

Using the same battery as the EGO lawn mower, the EGO string trimmer get an hour of run time and is quieter and nearly as powerful as our Stihl 2 stroke string trimmer.

Dad will love the zero maintenance and lighter build. A father’s day gift he won’t forget.

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Wrap Up

Pick one of these 19 ideas as your next Father’s Day gift and your lawn care loving dad will love you even more. From headphones to garden hose to jobsite radio to step ladder to comfortable slip on boots whatever you pick it doesn’t matter because it really is just the thought that matters.


About your guide: Jamey Kramar is a certified Lawn Care Manager (NALP) and a Mechanical Engineer by trade. He has been writing about outdoor power equipment for 11 years and has been quoted in NYTimes, Popular Mechanics, HowStuffWorks, iFixit, Realtor.com, and more. He spends his spare time disassembling things and also building an off-grid cabin at his 200-acre property.