The Best EGO Power Plus Lawn Mower – Tested and Reviewed

The best EGO Power Plus lawn mower for you depends on your budget and needs.

EGO lawn mowers are all cordless battery powered.

They come in different cutting widths and are either self propelled or push.

They make 8 lawn mowers with a 17″ push mower as the least expensive and a 21″ self propelled as the most expensive.

Have a quick look at the best EGO lawn mower before getting into our field notes from testing.

Quick Look: 2 Best EGO Lawn Mowers

Best EGO overall. Best EGO on a budget.

Best Overall EGO Mower


EGO LM2135SP Lawn Mower Focus Card Image

  • $700 manufacturers suggest retail price.
  • Includes 7.5Ah battery for 45 minutes of mowing.
  • The EGO mower we own and use.

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Best Budget EGO Mower


EGO LM2114SP Lawn Mower Focus Card Image

  • $200 less.
  • Includes 1x 6Ah battery for 35 minutes of mowing.
  • Self propelled to make mowing effortless.

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Why Buy An EGO Lawn Mower

Manufacturing experience. Quality not quantity. Zero emissions.

EGO is the flagship brand of Chinese tool manufacturing company, Chervon.

That’s Chervon not Chevron.

Huge tool brands trust Chervon to build their tools. Chervon has been manufacturing tools for brands like Milwaukee, Kobalt (Lowe’s) and Husky (The Home Depot) for years. They then put the Milwaukee (or other brand) sticker onto the tool and it sells as that brand in stores. It’s called rebadging and it happens in every industry.

After engineering and building tools for other companies for 20+ years, Chervon decided it was their turn to build a brand. They chose outdoor power equipment as their category. And in 2012, they decided to launch their own brand called EGO. They call the ecosystem of tools EGO Power Plus.

EGO makes popular lawn mowers, string trimmers, leaf blowers, chainsaws and hedge trimmers. All electric lawn mowers and cordless battery powered by 1 of their 5 different battery sizes from 12Ah down to 2.5Ah.

They focus their engineering and design on only 5 categories of lawn and garden equipment. This allows them to focus and not be spread thin designing for 20 different tool categories. The result is a highly rated, quality, durable lawn mower that we currently own and love to use. We find ourselves more and more going to the EGO 1st instead of the Honda gas powered mowers we own.

Did you know?

Gas powered leaf blowers emit 43x more carbon monoxide for every minute of use compared to a car over the same minute.

The real main reason to buy a cordless electric EGO lawn mower is they have: zero emissions, zero maintenance, low noise.

The Best EGO Lawn Mowers For Most People

#1 Best overall. #2 Budget pick.

We’ve been using EGO lawn mowers for 3 years now and are confident recommending the LM2135-SP as our top pick and the LM2114SP as our budget pick.

Take a look at our full review and field notes of both recommended EGO lawn mowers below.

The Best: EGO 21″ Self Propelled (Model: LM2135E-SP)

Dual blade cutting system. 7.5Ah battery included.

Ego Lawn Mower Mowing Lawn

The best EGO lawn mower for most people is the LM2135SP because it offers the best value for money and will allow you to mow your 1/4+ acre lawn with 1 charge.

It is one the lawn mowers we continue to use on a weekly basis.


Because it is a joy to use. It is quiet, zero maintenance, light, easy to store in the corner of the shed and does an incredible job bagging grass clippings.

Here are our field notes testing and using this mower over several years now.

EGO LM2135-SP lawn mower field notes:

  • Setup. Out of the box the EGO lawn mower is setup and ready to go. The handlebars are folded down and so all you have to do is lift it out of the box and push the lever to lift the handlebars to your desired angle.
  • Starting. To start the mower is a bit confusing if you haven’t read the User Manual. What you need to do is fully extend the handle and push down the on/off button while pulling the safety lever ‘bail switch’ towards the handle. Then you release the on/off button but continue holding the safety ‘bail switch’. Each time you release the safety lever the mower will turn off. After starting your mower once or twice to learn how it is easy and user friendly.

EGO Lawn Mower Handlebar Setup

  • Self propel ease of use. To use the self propel function there are 2 buttons either side of the handle. Hold down either (or both at the same time) to have the mower self propel. To adjust the speed there is a dial at the middle of the handle you twist forward to speed up. This is all very easy to use and learn how to use first try.
  • Mowing height. EGO has designed all their lawn mowers to have a single lever you push or pull to adjust the mowing height. It is awesome to only have to adjust once because many other mowers you have to adjust 4 different levers. You also have a choice of 7 different heights. Mowing higher saves battery life so you can mow longer on 1 charge.
  • Cut quality. The ‘Select Cut’ dual blade cutting system designed by EGO works great depending on which blade you have installed. There are 3 to choose from: mulching, high lift (grass bagging) and extended run time blade. We mostly use the high lift grass bagging blade and it works amazing. You can see how well it bags – in the image below – fitting all the grass clippings tightly in the bag.

EGO mower grass bag full

  • Cutting time on 1 charge. We have recorded how long the mower lasts on 1 charge 20+ times and it ranges from 25 mins up to our record of 35 mins 27 seconds. We have the 7.5Ah battery and started recording mowing times since it was brand new. The EGO catalog estimates the 7.5Ah battery to last up to 50 mins. That 50 mins is perfect world cutting a small height of grass off and not using the self propel feature. EGO also sells a 10Ah and 12Ah battery so you can push the mower up to 1 hour of mowing. All in all we can mow a basketball court size lawn comfortably.
  • A complaint. To mow you have to squeeze/hold tight the safety bail switch. If you release it the mower turns off. This is a great safety feature that all mowers have. However, the EGO switch requires a decent amount of grip strength to hold. No doubt you will have to rest your forearms at least once during a mow. It would be nice if EGO adjusted this switch to require less tension and make it easier to hold.

We find ourselves using the EGO lawn mower more and more instead of the Honda and Toro gas machines. It is just so easy to use and light to push and we don’t need to worry about hearing protection headphones when mowing.

If you already own EGO outdoor power equipment or are starting out your battery powered mower journey then this EGO lawn mower is for you.

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Our Budget Pick: EGO 21″ Self Propelled (Model: LM2114SP)

Single blade system. Smaller battery included.

The best EGO lawn mower on a budget is the LM2114SP because the only difference is it has a single blade cutting system and comes with a lower capacity battery.

If you have a small lawn (tennis court → basketball court size) then this mower will be perfect (and more affordable).

It is essentially the same mower as the top pick but $200 cheaper on

Check it out instead of the top pick if you want to save some money.

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EGO Lawn Mower Features That Matter

Motor. Battery. Mulching/Bagging. Mowing heights. Self propelled. Deck material. Warranty. Storage.

When buying an electric lawn mower vs. a gas powered lawn mower there are different features to look for.

9 Most Important Features on a EGO Lawn Mower

Battery powered lawn mowers are simple machines: a battery turns chemical energy into electrical energy which the mower motor uses to make mechanical energy. The mechanical energy turns the lawn mower blade to cut grass.

The type of battery and motor are 2 important features. As well as the what material the mower is made of and how long the company warranty is.

1. Electric Motor Type and Size

All battery electric mowers use brushless DC motors. Corded electric models use universal brushed AC motors.

Brushed motors (AC or DC) are cheaper and less complex but brushless motors are better in every other way.

  • Brushed motor. Permanent magnets on stator and coils/windings on the rotor. Brushes rub against commutator on the rotor to give windings current.
  • Brushless motor. Permanent magnets on rotor and electromagnets on stator. No need for brushes because uses a digital controller to control the electromagnet charge.
  • Pros and Cons:
    • Brushless motors have a much longer service life (10x) because there is nothing rubbing against each other like the brushes and commutator in a brushed motor.
    • Brushless motors are more precise (digital control) and higher performance (5x output speed).
    • Brushed motors are cheaper but will fail quicker.
    • Brushless motors are more efficient (10% more) because they have no heat loss from the friction of brushes rubbing against commutator.
    • The entire brush assembly is gone in a brushless motor so they are more compact.

2. Included Battery Capacity and Charging Time

EGO 7.5Ah battery in rapid charger

EGO 7.5Ah battery in rapid charger with hand for scale.

EGO makes and sells 5 battery sizes. Each battery runs at 56 volts.

Since Power (watts) = I (amps) x  V (volts) we can find out the capacity of the batteries in watt-hours. This tells us how many watts they can provide the lawn mower motor for 1 hour.

EGO battery capacities:

  • 12 Amp-hours @ 56V = 672 Watt-hours
  • 10Ah @ 56V = 560Wh
  • 7.5Ah @ 56V = 420Wh
  • 5Ah @ 56V = 280Wh
  • 2.5Ah @ 56V = 140Wh

EGO’s 12Ah battery can provide the lawn mower with 672 Watts for 1 hour.

Or: 1,344 Watts for 30 mins.

Since the EGO mowers’ use a 1,000 Watt brushless motor (that can adjust its power draw in operation) you can expect 45 mins of run time with the 12Ah battery. This lines up with what have seen in testing with the 7.5Ah battery lasting no more than 30 mins. Less or more depending on grass cut length, grass density and type of grass.

EGO rates their battery run times as follows:

  • 5Ah – Up to 32 mins
  • 7.5Ah – Up to 50 mins
  • 10Ah – Up to 65 mins
  • 12Ah – Up to 80 mins

EGO made these ratings from lab based testing (perfect max run time conditions) on the LM2135E top pick lawn mower.

  • 45 mins of mowing with the 12Ah battery.

In terms of battery charging time:

EGO makes 2 chargers: RAPID charger and standard charger. The RAPID charger charges all the batteries 2 – 3x faster.

RAPID charger charge times:

  • 5Ah battery: 30 mins.
  • 7.5Ah battery: 50 mins.

Note: Our RAPID charger charges the 7.5Ah battery in 35 – 38 mins every time. EGO are being conservative with their battery charging time estimates.

Standard charger charge times:

  • 5Ah battery: 100 mins.
  • 7.5Ah battery: 2 – 2.5 hrs.

3. Mulching, Bagging and Side Discharge

Good thing is all EGO lawn mowers have mulching, bagging and side discharge capability.

Mulching and bagging are the most popular.

Some EGO mowers (more expensive models) have a dual blade cutting system with ‘high lift’ so as to cut the grass clipping twice for mulching.

4. Adjustable Mowing Heights

EGO lawn mower cutting height adjustment lever

All EGO lawn mowers have 7 cutting heights.

You choose your cutting height with an adjustment lever located at the back left wheel (it looks like the image above).

#7 cutting height is the highest height and #1 is the lowest.

Although the height are not the same between mowers the #1 is 1/2″ to 3/4″ grass height. The #7 is 3.5″ – 4″.

5. Self Propelled

Half of the EGO lawn mowers are self propelled.

Each size has a push and self propelled model to choose from.

We often find it not necessary to use the self propel since the mower is light and easy to push.

But through thick grass, on hills and if you are feeling lazy on the day it is definitely a great addition.

Both EGO lawn mowers we recommend here are self propelled because it is not much more expensive and we feel is worth it.

6. Ease of Use

EGO lawn mower handlebar setup ease of use

Ease of use probably isn’t something you think of as a feature of a lawn mower…

…You turn the thing on and push it around your yard – not much to it.

But: After using many lawn mowers over the years we know some suck to use and some are a joy.

  • How easy is it to empty the grass bag?
  • How easy is it to adjust the self propel speed?
  • How easy is it to fold up for storage?
  • How easy is it to start and re-start if it stalls.?
  • How easy to change/charge the battery?

All these questions are answered by rating the EGO lawn mower ease of use.

Any aside from one minor complaint (read review above) EGO is one of the easiest and most enjoyable lawn mowers we have used.

7. Warranty

All EGO lawn mowers have the same warranty – and it’s a good one.

  • Home use: 5 year tool warranty.
  • Home use: 3 year battery warranty.
  • Commercial use: 1 year tool warranty.
  • Commercial use: 1 year battery warranty.

EGO is a popular battery electric lawn mower and have a large dealer network around the world.

This is great for you because if something goes wrong you be sure there is a dealer close by to fix the issue under warranty.

8. Deck Material

All but one EGO lawn mower model has a durable plastic cutting deck. The model with a steel deck is 10 lbs (4.5 kg) heavier.

The hard plastic cutting deck is made from a hard, rust proof poly similar to what kayaks are made from.

The 2 main benefits of a plastic cutting deck material are:

  • Zero corrosion – No rust.
  • Lighter – Easier to push around.

9. Storage

Electric lawn mowers are great if you have a small garage or shed to store your mower in.


Because it can stored upright or on its side. And with the handlebars folded down it can fit under your workbench or tucked in a corner.

A gas mower needs to be stored flat so gas/oil doesn’t leach into the carb and air filter.

How Much Does an EGO Lawn Mower Cost and Where Should You Buy?


EGO lawn mowers range in price from $349 to $1,100.

The difference between EGO mower prices is 3 things:

  • Cutting width
  • Self propelled or not
  • How many and what size batteries included.

The $1,100 EGO is self propelled, 21″cut width and includes 2x 10Ah batteries.

The $349 includes no batteries.

Where To Buy Your EGO Lawn Mower

Big box stores are a great starting place to look around for a lawn mower.

You won’t get the expert knowledge you would from a local mower dealer but you will get to touch and feel the mower before buying.

Online retailers will usually have a better price but you have to wait for shipping and can’t see it in person before buying.

The best thing to do is go see the mower in person at your local mower dealer – get the expert advice – and get them to price match the online price.

Big Box Stores

EGO sells their mowers at these popular big box stores:

  • AceHardware
  • Walmart
  • Lowes

Online Retailers

Plenty of online retailers sell EGO but these are the most popular online stores:

  • Amazon
  • Mowers Direct

Local Mower Dealers

EGO has a large dealer network you can find the one near you at this link.


Can I use my EGO mower on wet grass? Is it safe?

It is not recommended to mow your lawn when wet.

The grass is heavier putting more load on the EGO mower increasing the chance of stalling. Also, the grass will clump causing issues if you are bagging the clippings.

However, it is safe. Because it is battery powered (and not connected to your home electric circuit with a cord) all the electrics are insulated and protected from rain and wet grass.

Is EGO Select-Cut worth the extra money?

EGO lawn mower select cut blade option FAQ

EGO Select-Cut is EGO’s 3 blade interchangeable system.

Coming stock on the lawn mower is the stock blade and if your mower has Select Cut then it has a 2nd blade suited for a specific purpose – either a mulching blade, an extended runtime blade or a high lift bagging blade.

In the above image of our EGO mower you can see the stock blade sits above the Select Cut blade. To switch blades you loosen 3 bolts and install your chosen blade.

Each Select Blade is designed for purpose.

You can see what each blade looks like below and in the above image.

EGO extended run time blade

The extended rum time blade works to preserve battery life by minimizing drag/friction on the blade.

Ego Mulching Blade

The mulching blade works to cut the grass clipping fine so when they are returned to the lawn they sink to the bottom layer and deposit nutrient in to the soil.

Verdict: We love how great these blades work and think Select Cut is a premium feature that is worth the money.

Is it OK to leave EGO battery on charger?

EGO recommends you do not leave the EGO battery on the charger when plugged in to wall.

Once fully charged you should unplug the charger from the wall or remove the battery from the charger.

This will ensure your EGO battery does not overheat and enjoys a long life of powering your lawn mower without losing capacity.

Does EGO make a battery powered riding mower?


EGO zero turn riding mower anatomy

EGO makes 3 different models of zero turn riding lawn mower.

They range in price from $5,000 to $6,500.

These are the models they make:

  • EGO Power+ 52″ Z6.
  • EGO Power+ 42″ Z6.
  • EGO Power+ 42″ with e-STEER (pictured above).


  1. Brushless DC Motors vs. AC Motors and DC Brushed Motors.
  2. EGO Power Plus.
  3. EGO Power+ LM2135E-SP Manuals.

About your guide: Jamey Kramar is a certified Lawn Care Manager (NALP) and a Mechanical Engineer by trade. He has been writing about outdoor power equipment for 11 years and has been quoted in NYTimes, Popular Mechanics, HowStuffWorks, iFixit,, and more. He spends his spare time disassembling things and also building an off-grid cabin at his 200-acre property.