The Best EGO Power Plus Lawn Mower – Tested and Reviewed

The best EGO Power Plus lawn mower for you depends on your budget and needs.

EGO lawn mowers are all cordless battery powered.

They come in different cutting widths and are either self propelled or push.

They make 8 lawn mowers with a 17″ push mower as the least expensive and a 21″ self propelled as the most expensive.

Have a quick look at the best EGO lawn mower before getting into our field notes from testing.

Quick Look: 2 Best EGO Lawn Mowers

The best EGO lawn mower (and our recommendation) is the best mower EGO makes in terms of features and benefits.

The best EGO lawn mower if you have a small yard or are on a tight budget is the 17″ self propelled model.

Why Buy An EGO Lawn Mower

Manufacturing experience. Quality not quantity. Zero emissions.

EGO is the flagship brand of Chinese tool manufacturing company, Chervon.

That’s Chervon not Chevron.

Huge tool brands trust Chervon to build their tools. Chervon has been manufacturing tools for brands like Milwaukee, Kobalt (Lowe’s) and Husky (The Home Depot) for years. They then put the Milwaukee (or other brand) stick onto the tool and it sells as that brands in stores. It’s called rebadging and it happens in every industry.

After engineering and building tools for other companies for 20+ years, Chervon decided it was their turn to build a brand. They chose outdoor power equipment as their category. And in 2012, they decided to launch their own brand called EGO. They call the ecosystem of tools EGO Power Plus.

EGO makes popular lawn mowers, string trimmers, leaf blowers, chainsaws and hedge trimmers. All electric and cordless battery powered by 1 of their 5 different battery sizes from 12Ah down to 2.5Ah.

They focus their engineering and design on only 5 categories of lawn and garden equipment. This allows them to focus and not be spread thin designing 20 different tools. The result is a highly rated, quality, durable lawn mower that we currently own and love to use. We find ourselves more and more going to the EGO first over the Honda gas powered mowers we own.

Did you know?

Gas powered leaf blowers emit 43x more carbon monoxide for every minute of use compared to a car over the same minute.

The real main reason to buy a cordless electric EGO lawn mower is they have: zero emissions, zero maintenance, low noise.

The Best EGO Lawn Mowers For Most People

#1 Best overall. #2 Budget pick.

Here are all the walk-behind lawn mowers EGO Power Plus offers:

The Best: EGO 21″ Self Propelled (Model: LM2135E-SP)

Our Small Yard and Budget Pick: EGO 17″ Self Propelled (Model: LM2114SP)

EGO Lawn Mower Features That Matter

Motor. Battery. Mulching/Bagging. Mowing heights. Self propelled. Deck material. Warranty. Storage.

When buying an electric lawn mower vs. a gas powered lawn mower there are different features to look for.

8 Most Important Features on a EGO Lawn Mower

Battery powered lawn mowers are simple machines: a battery turns chemical energy into electrical energy which the mower motor uses to make mechanical energy. The mechanical energy turns the lawn mower blade to cut grass.

The type of battery and motor are 2 important features. As well as the what material the mower is made of and how long the company warranty is.

1. Electric Motor Type and Size

All battery electric mowers use brushless DC motors. Corded electric models use universal brushed AC motors.

Brushed motors (AC or DC) are cheaper and less complex but brushless motors are better in every other way.

  • Brushed motor. Permanent magnets on stator and coils/windings on the rotor. Brushes rub against commutator on the rotor to give windings current.
  • Brushless motor. Permanent magnets on rotor and electromagnets on stator. No need for brushes because uses a digital controller to control the electromagnet charge.
  • Pros and Cons:
    • Brushless motors have a much longer service life (10x) because there is nothing rubbing against each other like the brushes and commutator in a brushed motor.
    • Brushless motors are more precise (digital control) and higher performance (5x output speed).
    • Brushed motors are cheaper but will fail quicker.
    • Brushless motors are more efficient (10% more) because they have no heat loss from the friction of brushes rubbing against commutator.
    • The entire brush assembly is gone in a brushless motor so they are more compact.

2. Included Battery Capacity and Charging Time

EGO makes and sells 5 battery sizes. Each battery runs at 56 volts.

Since Power (watts) = I (amps) x  V (volts) we can find out the capacity of the batteries in watt-hours. This tells us how many watts they can provide the lawn mower motor for 1 hour.

EGO battery capacities:

  • 12 Amp-hours @ 56V = 672 Watt-hours
  • 10Ah @ 56V = 560Wh
  • 7.5Ah @ 56V = 420Wh
  • 5Ah @ 56V = 280Wh
  • 2.5Ah @ 56V = 140Wh

EGO’s 12Ah battery can provide the lawn mower with 672 Watts for 1 hour.

Or: 1,344 Watts for 30 mins.

Since the EGO mowers’ use a 1,000 Watt brushless motor (that can adjust its power draw in operation) you can expect 45 mins of run time with the 12Ah battery. This lines up with what have seen in testing with the 7.5Ah battery lasting no more than 30 mins. Less or more depending on grass cut length, grass density and type of grass.

EGO rates their battery run times as follows:

  • 5Ah – Up to 32 mins
  • 7.5Ah – Up to 50 mins
  • 10Ah – Up to 65 mins
  • 12Ah – Up to 80 mins

EGO made these ratings from lab based testing (perfect max run time conditions) on the LM2135E top pick lawn mower.

  • 45 mins of mowing with the 12Ah battery.

In terms of battery charging time:

EGO makes 2 chargers: RAPID charger and standard charger. The RAPID charger charges all the batteries 2 – 3x faster.

RAPID charger charge times:

  • 5Ah battery: 30 mins.
  • 7.5Ah battery: 50 mins.

Note: Our RAPID charger charges the 7.5Ah battery in 35 – 38 mins every time. EGO are being conservative with their battery charging time estimates.

Standard charger charge times:

  • 5Ah battery: 100 mins.
  • 7.5Ah battery: 2 – 2.5 hrs.

3. Mulching, Bagging and Side Discharge

Good thing is all EGO lawn mowers have mulching, bagging and side discharge capability.

Mulching and bagging are the most popular.

Some EGO mowers (more expensive models) have a dual blade cutting system with ‘high lift’ so as to cut the grass clipping twice for mulching.

4. Adjustable Mowing Heights

EGO lawn mowers have 7 cutting heights.

5. Self Propelled

6. Warranty

7. Deck Material

8. Storage

How Much Does an EGO Lawn Mower Cost and Where Should You Buy?


EGO mowers

Where To Buy Your EGO Lawn Mower

Big Box Stores

  • Home Depot.
  • AceHardware.
  • Walmart.
  • Lowes.

Local Mower Dealers

Online Retailers

  • Amazon
  • Mowers Direct


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About your guide: Jamey Kramar is a certified Lawn Care Manager (NALP) and a Mechanical Engineer by trade. He has been writing about outdoor power equipment for 11 years and has been quoted in NYTimes, Popular Mechanics, HowStuffWorks, iFixit,, and more. He spends his spare time disassembling things and also building an off-grid cabin at his 200-acre property.