Bahia Grass: What You Need To Know To Keep a Bahia Grass Lawn

Bahia GrassBahia grass was originally brought to North America as a grass for grazing cattle in Florida. It is a warm season grass that performs best with lots of sun.

It is a type of grass often used as a roadside grass because it stabilizes the soil, is low maintenance, resistant to disease and insects and is very persistent.

Bahia Grass Features

Growing season. Bahia grass is a warm season grass that loves sun and humidity. It performs best in coastal regions of Florida, and that is where it is most commonly found.

Shade tolerance. Moderate shade tolerance.

Sun requirement. Requires sun. Prefers wide open areas. But does moderately well in shade.

Drought tolerance. Resistant to drought.

Foot traffic tolerance. Low foot traffic tolerance.

Maintenance needs. Low maintenance. Requires mowing and infrequent fertilizer. Is resistant to disease and pests.

Disease tolerance. Good disease tolerance.

Bahia Grass Lawn Mowing

Mowing height. 2 to 4 inches. Regular mowing during growing season.

Recommended lawn mower. Lawn-boy petrol mower or Greenworks electric mower.

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