The Best GreenWorks Lawn Mower

Here you will get the rundown of the best electric GreenWorks lawn mower, why it is the best and why some customers were not so happy…

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Have you always owned a gas lawn mower? Are you annoyed with the regular maintenance, refuelling, loud noise and fumes?

Yes – well, Greenworks makes electric lawn mowers that are quiet, require no maintenance and are now powerful enough to deal with any residential lawn.

Greenworks is a brand that manufactures and sells electric garden tools, electric pressure washers and electric air compressors in stores such as: Sears, Lowes, Home Depot and

They make cordless battery powered mowers that last nearly 1 hour 30 minutes on 1 charge and also the corded electric type that you have probably seen around your neighbourhood.

GreenWorks’ Best Lawn Mower For Most People Is Their Dual Cutting Blade Cordless Electric 

1) Greenworks 20-Inch Twin Force 40-Volt Lithium-Ion Lawn Mower

Greenworks Cordless Twin Force Mower In ActionGreenworks has optimized mow time with their top mower. You will be able to mow for 1.5 hours before recharging. This ensures no frustrating mid mow recharge.

How did they do it?

A split system:

  • 2x 10 inch cutting blades
  • 2x electric motors
  • 2x lithium ion batteries.

This split system design allows for a more efficient use of power while keeping the batteries small and the mower lightweight.

How light? This mower is 50 pounds, which also happens to be half the weight of the other popular cordless mowers. If you are ready to free yourself from the constraints of gasoline and the constraints of an electric cord then why not enter the new age of mowing with this high-tech cordless lithium-ion battery powered lawn mower?

Benefits of the Best Greenworks Lawn Mower

Watch this video by Greenworks to find out the advantages of their cordless mower:

Summary Benefits

Environmentally Friendly Product

All Greenworks brand product are electric powered and have no emissions.

Zero Maintenance

Electric power has the advantage of not requiring tiny explosions to occur to do mechanical work. Gas engines have many moving parts and that just means more risk of failure – and more maintenance to ensure it doesn’t fail.

Your electric mower will require small maintenance now and again but nothing close compared to combustion engines.


Again – no need for tiny explosions so less vibration. An electric mower is about as loud as a vacuum cleaner. A petrol mower is as loud as a small motorbike or belt sander – hearing protection required.

Can Mow Most Lawns on 1 Battery Charge

The Greenworks cordless mower comes with 2 batteries: 1x 4Ah and 1x 2Ah. If you upgrade the 2Ah to a 4Ah you’ll get an extra 20 – 30 minutes of mow time. Another added benefit of the lithium-ion battery technology is that it charges to 100% in only 2 hours in a regular electric household wall outlet.

Easy to Push Up Slopes

With larger rear wheels and a weight of only 50 pounds this mower could be handled with ease by your wife or teenage son. It is not self propelled but that would just drain the battery anyways.


The best Greenworks mower for most people frees you from a cord and the noise and maintenance of a petrol mower.

Next time you are mowing and your wife yells, “do you want a beer?” you will be able to hear her. And once you finish mowing, you won’t feel tired – because pushing a 50 pound mower around is not hard.

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