7 Best Kids Toy Lawn Mowers To Get Them Started Mowing Early

Is your son or daughter following you around the yard as you work?

Are they still too young to use a reel or electric mower?

Start them off with a kids toy lawn mower…

…Kids toy mowers are:

  • Fun
  • Safe
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Realistic looking

Below you will find a list we put together of the 7 best toy mowers. Some even make bubbles.

Check them out.

This Toy Mower Makes Sounds Like A Real Husqvarna Lawn Mower

Husqvarna kids toy lawn mower

The most popular kids toy mower on the market is this one from Husqvarna.

You put in 3 AA batteries and it makes sounds and lights up like a real Husqvarna mower. Kids also love the realistic start pull cord to copy daddy when he’s starting up the real thing.

Imagine heading out to mow your lawn on a sunny Saturday morning and your son or daughter runs to the garage to get their toy mower to come help you. Precious memories will be made with this toy.

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This Toy Mower Makes Bubbles As You Push It

Fisher Price Kids Toy Bubble Mower

This model by Fisher-Price sets itself apart by blowing bubbles.

It also has a see through window with a part that spins as the toy mower is pushed to mimic an engine spinning. It also makes noises.

Your kids will surely be happy following you around the backyard with their new toy mower and bubble maker.

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This Pink Kids Toy Lawn Mower Also Makes Bubbles

ArtCreativity Pink Bubble Toy Lawn Mower

Here is a pink mower and bubble maker geared for little girls.

It not only blows bubbles but also make mower sounds as it is pushed along.

Using a toy like this is great fun for your child and will enable you to spend quality time while checking off the chores for the day.

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This Toy Lawn Mower Has Cool Features Like Pull Cord, Jerry Can And Popping Beads

Little Tikes Kids Toy Mower

This toy mower model by Little Tikes has some cool features the others don’t.

  • It has a realistic speed adjuster shifter
  • It has a removable jerry can to make your kids feel like they are adding gas
  • It has a turn key and starter rope
  • It has popping beads to make fun noises as the toy is pushed faster

Girls and boys alike love these gardening toys because they can copy their mom and dad doing the lawn chores.

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Another Bubble Maker Toy Mower That Kids Love

Lydaz Bubble Kids Toy Lawn Mower

Here’s another mower and bubble toy all in one.

This one is a best seller.

It is blue and green and suitable for boys or girls.

It’s a great toy to have them playing out in the garden while you are doing yard work.

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The Ultimate Kids Dream Is This 50-Pound Electric Riding Mower

Peg Perego John Deere Toy Electric Riding Mower For Kids

What kid doesn’t dream of having a realistic riding lawn mower?

This one looks just like a John Deere and has all the bells and whistles a kids could want.

It has a proper steering wheel and gas pedal. It has a radio. Lights. An adjustable seat. It comes with a trailer. It has proper wheels to make driving on dirt or grass a breeze. It has automatic brakes. And it can go up to 4.5 miles per hour (7 km/hr) which is a fast walking pace.

Be sure to get this model as it the highest rated and best quality.

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A Much Smaller 15-Pound Electric Riding Mower Toy

Kids Trax Electric Toy Ride On Mower

And last but not least we have another cool riding mower.

This one much smaller and more affordable than the one above and better suited for younger children in the 18 month to 3 year old range.

It has a max speed of 1.5 mph (2.4 km/h) which is a very slow walking pace.

Get them started early with this cool ride-on toy.

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There you have it the 7 coolest lawn mower toys for your kids to copy you mowing the lawn.

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