Is It Safe To Mow The Lawn While Pregnant?

All doctors agree getting moderate exercise when pregnant is good.

Mowing the lawn is moderate exercise.

Add to that the fresh air and sunshine for your mental well-being and mowing the lawn quickly becomes a recommended thing for most pregnant women (at all except possibly the final few weeks of pregnancy).

Let’s talk about it in more detail.

Safety of Lawn Mowing During Pregnancy

Are you keen to get outside and get your lawn looking tidy?

But are worried about the safety of it considering you are pregnant?

In general, mowing the lawn at any stage of pregnancy is safe and fine.

Let’s look at the different stages of pregnancy and any factors to think about.

First Trimester

In the first trimester your baby will start as a fetus and grow to be about 6cm (2.4 inches) in length.

Physically, you will most likely be able to do everything you could do when not pregnant. However, nausea is often present and can cause you to not want to be up pushing a lawn mower around.

Some safety tips for mowing in your first trimester: 

  • Avoid mowing the lawn at high noon or in otherwise hot/humid weather.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Be sure to walk the mowing path first to ensure no toys or obstructions are there to run over.

Second Trimester

Weeks 13 – 26 is typically the least troublesome period of pregnancy for most women. This is because the first trimester nausea has passed and you are still not showing a huge bump like in the third trimester.

So is mowing the lawn safe during the second trimester?

  • Use your own personal judgment for how you feel.
  • Use a self propelled mower instead of a heavy push mower.
  • Better yet, use a riding mower.
  • Don’t push yourself too hard.
  • Don’t mow when the sun is gunna be too intense.

Third Trimester

Your bump is very noticeable and probably quite uncomfortable.

Just in case you get extra keen and want to mow your lawn let’s see if it’s going to be safe.

As with 1st and 2nd trimester tips above you should listen to your body and not push yourself hard – especially in this trimester.

Mowing the lawn is moderate exercise – basically walking – so you should be fine if you feel fine.


  • If you get lightheaded or feel faint – stop. Take time off and have some water. Take a seat and go into shade or air conditioning.
  • If you feel pain anywhere – stop. If the pain persists contact your physician.
  • If you feel off balance and you have a hilly yard it might be best not to mow. Hire someone or get a friend to do it.

Okay so maybe you mowed the lawn and want to do some other tasks. Let’s take a look how safe other lawn maintenance tasks are when pregnant.

Safety of Other Lawn Maintenance Tasks

All the physical tasks of yard work are going to be dependant on your strength level and personal comfort during pregnancy.

In general you will want to avoid coming into contact with pesticides and other chemicals you may need when doing weed control or fertilizing.

  1. Weed Eater: A weed eater will take more shoulder and arm strength compared to mowing the lawn. Use your judgement and when tired – stop. This will be especially true during third trimester and you will be carrying extra weight already.
  2. Leaf Blower: Using a leaf blower is safe just be sure not to overdo it.
  3. Chainsaw: If you using a chainsaw on the ground to prune or cut shorter trees or hedges that should be fine. Avoid using a ladder and extending your arms as it may put your belly and baby in harms way.
  4. Fertilizing: Best to avoid coming into contact with fertilizers for your lawn when pregnant. Just one of those things where you say, “Is it worth the risk?
  5. Weed Killing Chemicals: Definitely avoid using these chemicals during pregnancy. Chemicals can be harmful and they can find a way into the air you’re breathing.

How To Make Mowing The Lawn Easy – A Guide For Pregnant Women

Okay, so you have to mow the lawn.

Here’s the best way to make it easy.

1) Wear Comfortable Clothing

Wear loose fitting comfortable clothing that will not restrict your movement. Wear closed in shoes to protect your feet when mowing.

2) Use A Riding Lawn Mower Instead Of A Push Mower

Consider using a riding mower instead of a push mower. This will help you avoid having to bend over, which can be difficult as your belly grows.

3) Use A Self Propelled Battery Lawn Mower

If you don’t have access to a riding lawn mower, then try for a battery mower that is self propelled. Not only are they lighter but have not fumes and are quieter.

4) Take Breaks Often And Drink Plenty Of Fluids

Take breaks often and drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated. If you start to feel overheated or fatigued, stop mowing and head inside to cool off.

5) Be Sure To Stretch Before & After Mowing The Lawn

Be sure to stretch before and after mowing the lawn. This will help you avoid cramps and other pain in your muscles during pregnancy.

6) Ask For Help

Lastly, consider asking someone else to mow the lawn for you. This is especially important if you are in your third trimester.

The Risks of Lawn Mowing While Pregnant

There are a few risks all pregnant women should consider.

  • You may be at a higher risk for heat exhaustion.
  • If you have any underlying medical conditions, such as high blood pressure or diabetes, you should speak with your doctor before mowing the lawn.
  • Lawn mowing can also be dangerous if you are in your first trimester, as overheating can be harmful to your developing baby.

If you have any concerns about mowing the lawn while pregnant, be sure to speak with your doctor before starting this or any other exercise routine.

Consulting With A Healthcare Provider

Of course, it is always important to consult with a healthcare provider before undertaking any physical activity during pregnancy.

Once cleared for lawn care duties, pregnant women should take care to avoid extended exposure to heat or sun.

It is also important to stay hydrated and take breaks as needed. Pregnant women who are experienced in lawn care may feel comfortable continuing their usual routine, but those who are new to lawn care should start slowly and increase their activity level gradually.

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