How Many Acres is Central Park?

Central Park is a nearly perfect rectangle of dimensions 4 km by 900m. It is a tiny bit wider at the north side than the south side.

So how many acres is Central Park?

  • 860 acres
How many acres is Central Park

The dimensions of Central Park are:

  • North-south length is 4 km / 2.49 miles
  • North end width is 1 km / 0.62 miles
  • South end width is 870 m / 0.54 miles

Calculations for acres in Central Park:

  • Using Google Maps we can measure the dimensions of Central Park exactly
  • The result is a total area of 3.48 square km
  • 1 acre = 0.00405 square km
  • 3.48 / 0.00405 = 860 acres

Is there a marathon in Central Park?

The famous New York City Marathon finishes in Central Park but is not run in its entirety within the park.

In fact, nearing the end of the race people run from the NE of Central Park down to the SE before turning and finishing in Central Park SW.

Is there running loops in Central Park?

  • Yes

Central Park has 8 designated running varying in distance from 1.4 miles to 6 miles. The 6 mile loop goes around the entire interior perimeter of Central Park.

How long would it take to run the perimeter of Central Park?

The perimeter of Central Park is about 10 km.

The world record for the 10 km running race on the road is:

  • 26:24 by Rhonex Kipruto of Kenya in 2020
  • Any time below 30 mins is awesome by any standards

A great club runner time for the 10 km is:

  • 30 min to 37 mins

A dedicated recreational runner great time is:

  • 37 mins to 47 mins

A fit adult who runs for fun on a regular basis great time is:

  • 47 mins to 60 mins

Just completing a 10 km run is huge so keep going!

Can you drive inside Central Park?

Driving in Central Park with cars is limited. There are a few roads but the future is uncertain.

Can you swim in the lake in Central Park?

  • No. In fact, it is illegal to swim in the ponds, lakes and reservoirs of Central Park. Check out the Lasker rink and pool instead.

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