What is The World’s Tallest Grass?

If you don’t mow the grass how tall will it get?

Obviously it depends on your climate and the type of grass.

So today we’ll look at all the worlds tallest grasses and how tall common lawn grasses can get.

What is the World’s Tallest Grass?

Bamboo: 137.9 ft (42 m)

Bamboo is worlds tallest grassMost people wouldn’t even think of bamboo as a grass – but it is.

It grows incredibly fast: Depending on the variety, up to 1 foot per day during peak growth.

It is used for roofs and other building structures all around the world.

What is the world’s tallest grass?

  • The tallest grass ever measured was bamboo at 137.9 feet (42 metres) in India.

This was not your typical bamboo – but an extraordinarily tall one found only in the perfect bamboo growing climate of India.

What animals eat bamboo?

Many animals eat the world’s tallest grass:

  • Pandas are the most well known
  • Mountain gorilla
  • Elephant.

Normal Bamboo: 100 feet (30 metres)

Typical bamboo grows up to 100 feet.

It is easily the tallest grass.

Let’s look at other common grass heights.

How Tall Can Other Common Grass Types Grow?

Giant Reed Grass: 33 feet (10 metres) Tall

GIANT REED tall grassGiant reed grass is also called:

  • Giant cane
  • Elephant grass
  • Colorado river reed

It is a type of grass that grown over 33 feet (10 metres).

It is similar to bamboo have hollow stems with ~1 inch diameter.

Mexico, South Africa and the USA consider it a major pest.

Ravenna Grass: 13 feet (4 metres) Tall

Ravenna grass tallRavenna grass is also called:

  • Hardy pampas grass
  • Italian sugarcane
  • Plume grass

It can grow up to 13 feet tall.

It is native to North Africa, Asia and Europe.

Giant Silvergrass: 11 feet (3.3 metres) Tall

GIANT SILVERGRASS TALL GRASSESGiant Silver Grass is a nice looking grass that can grow up to 11 feet tall.

It has no negative aspects making it popular as a hedging / screening grass.

It is low maintenance and does best in full sun.

How Tall Would Common Lawn Grasses Grow If Never Mowed?

Tall Fescue: 6.5 feet (2m)

Tall fescue is a cool season grass that can grow above 6 feet tall if never mowed.

Ryegrass: 3 feet

Ryegrass is in the bluegrass family and often used with Kentucky bluegrass on Major League ballparks. If you never mowed it  it would grow about 3 feet tall.

Here are the heights other common lawn grasses would grow if never mowed:

  • Kentucky Bluegrass: 2 feet
  • Bahia Grass: 2 feet
  • Bermudagrass: 1 foot
  • St. Augustine: 1 foot
  • Zoysia Grass: 6 inches

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