How Many Acres is an Olympic Swimming Pool?

An olympic swimming pool is 50 metres long by 25 metres wide.

  • The area of an Olympics swimming pool is 0.31 acres.

See the graphic below for the calculations and dimensions.

How many acres in an Olympic pool

The dimensions of an Olympic swimming pool are:

  • Width: 25 metres / 82 feet / 27.3 yards
  • Length: 50 metres / 164 feet / 55 yards

Calculations for acres of a Olympic pool:

  • 50 m x 25 m = 1,250 square metres
  • 1 acre = 4,047 square metres
  • 1,250 / 4,047 = 0.31 acres or 1 / 3.25 of an acre

What is the fastest 50 m swim?

Cesar Cielo of Brazil has the record for the 50 metres freestyle swim.

  • 20.91 seconds

He set the record in 2009 and it still stand as of  May 2022.

How fast is the fastest sea animal?

It is between the marlin and sailfish.

  • Marlin speed: 105 km/hr (65 mph). Could complete 50 m in 1.71 seconds.
  • Sailfish speed: 110 km/hr (68 mph). Could complete 50 m in 1.64 seconds.

As you can imagine it is hard to definitively say which is faster since speed varies between individuals. It is possible they clocked the Usain Bolt of sailfish and just an average marlin.

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