How Many Acres is a Football Field?

First off, we are talking about how many acres an American football field is (see how many acres in a soccer field).

How many acres is a football field?

  • 1.1 acres not including end zones
  • 1.32 acres including end zones
How many acres is a football field

The dimensions of a football field are:

  • Length of playing field is 100 yards / 300 feet / 91.44 metres
  • Length of end zones (there are 2) are 10 yards / 30 feet / 9.144 metres
  • Width of football field is 53.33 yards / 160 feet / 48.8 metres

Calculations for acres in a football field:

Not including end zones:

  • 300 feet x 160 feet = 48,000 square feet
  • 1 acre = 43,560 square feet
  • 48,000 / 43,560 = 1.1 acres

Including end zones:

  • 360 feet x 160 feet = 57,600 square feet
  • 1 acre = 43,560 square feet
  • 57,600 / 43,560 = 1.32 acres

Are college fields the same size as NFL?

  • Yes

Do football fields use real grass or artificial turf?

As of the 2021 season 16 NFL fields have real grass and 16 use artificial turf.

Types of grass used:

How do the Groundskeepers mow the football field grass?

  • With a variety of different riding mowers and cylinder push mowers

NFL Groundskeepers are a team of 10+ professionals (per team) maintaining the game and practice fields. Maintenance is a full time job and an entire department within an NFL team organizational chart.

Football length and speed records:

What is the farthest a quarterback can throw a football?

  • 80 yards

The longest documented and confirmed throw is 80 yards. Patrick Mahomes achieved this throw in 2017 during his Pro Day

What is the longest field goal ever made?

  • 66 yards

Justin Tucker made a 66 yard field goal with seconds to go to give his team (Baltimore Ravens) the win over the Detroit Lions. Amazing.

Who is the fastest football player ever?

  • Bo Jackson

NFL uses the 40 yard dash as the benchmark for speed. And Bo Jackson has the fastest ever 40 yard dash clocked in at 4.13 seconds.

For comparison:

  • Deion Sanders 40 yard time is 4.27 seconds
  • Barry Sanders 40 yard time is 4.37 seconds


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