How Many Acres is Disney World?

We drew the boundaries of Disney World, located at Orlando, Florida to find how many acres it is:

  • Disney World is just shy of 25,000 acres (38 square miles).

You can see the boundaries of Disney World drawn overlay it’s Google Maps location. The borders are formed with the streets surrounding the resort. And in between the end of the actual resort parks there is plenty of parkland/forest to create a buffer to the outside neighbourhoods.

For a quick scale:

  • The top border of Disney World to the bottom is about 7 miles.
How many acres is Disney World

How many acres is Disney World calculations:

  • The borders of Disney World cover a distance of 27.73 miles (44.63 km)
  • The total area within Disney World’s borders is 37.73 square miles (97.47 square km)

Disney World interesting land facts:

  • When buying the land in 1964, Disney used fake companies to keep the price per acre down. If the owners knew they were selling to such a wealthy company they would ask more money. Smart.

How does Disneyland land size compare to Disney World?

  • Disneyland (460 acres) is more than 50x smaller than Disney World (25,000 acres).

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