7 Best Lawn Care and Lawn Mower Forums For The Lawn Obsessed

If you’re looking to start a lawn care business (or already own one) you’ll want to be active in lawn care forums.

We are members of 5 lawn care and lawn mower forums and have briefly been in 6 more that sucked.

We’re here to tell you the best ones to join.


3 reasons:

  1. So you can talk about lawns and lawn care with like-minded people. Giving and getting tips, learning more about pest control, weed identification, irrigation, grass types and soil fertility.
  2. So you can learn more about lawn mowers and how to service them to maximize their working lifespan. Learn about other peoples complaints and loves of different mower brands and models.
  3. For you enjoyment of seeing great lawns, cool mowers and funny lawn care memes.

To do this we will use a tier list.

What is a tier list you might ask?

A tier list is a way of visually ranking (in this case lawn care forums) from best to worst.

Take a look:

Tier List: Lawn Care and Lawn Mower Forums

Here’s our tier list for lawn care and lawn mower forums we’re member of:

Final Tier List Lawn Care and Lawn Mower Forums
  • Best is best
  • Good is good
  • Decent is alright
  • Meh is not worth it

Let’s look in detail:

BEST Tier Lawn Care Forums:

Reddit Lawn Care Sub LogoReddit.com/r/lawncare

  • Members: 532k
  • Very active: 100+ threads per day

What makes R/LawnCare BEST?

Reddit is a website where 100s of thousands of communities exist around small niches and people join those communities to discuss.

The lawn care community on Reddit is thriving. At any give time there are 400+ people talking lawn care in the various posts and 532k more members that may come discuss later on.

Every time someone makes a post you can upvote or downvote it and also make a comment. This allows Reddit to move posts up and down the front page so you are only seeing the best stuff.

What type of things are discussed?

What makes the Reddit lawn care forum the best is variety of posts to keep you engaged and having fun.

From serious discussions about cool season grasses to light-hearted laughs about raised lawn mowers and funny lawn care signs – r/lawncare has it all.

LawnSite lawn care forum logoLawnSite.com

  • Lifetime Threads: 6.7M
  • Members: 185k

What makes LawnSite.com BEST?

LawnSite has been around since 1999 and is a very informative and serious lawn mower forum.

You won’t see joking around and goofy threads as those will be removed by the moderators.

As such, the quality of information is high and you can find advice for your lawn care business or lawn mower repairs with a quick search.

What type of things are discussed?

LawnSite breaks up their forum into 5 main sections:

  1. Lawn mowing
  2. Pesticide and Herbicide Application
  3. Business Operations
  4. Original Pictures
  5. Mechanic and Repair.

GOOD Tier Forums:

Lawn Mower Forum logoLawnMowerForum.com (LawnWorld)

  • Threads: 63k
  • Messages: 430k
  • Members: 112k

What makes Lawn World a GOOD forum?

Lawn World is most active in the equipment side of lawn care. Almost half the messages are to do with riding or walk behind lawn mowers or small engine repair.

This is awesome because we find the focus allows us to know which forum to come to for specific lawn mower repair questions and information.

What type of things are discussed?

In typical forum fashion a person will come with a question they want answered, for example: “What to do – frame cracks (MZ Magnum) pics attached”. And then you have 10+ responses to this message with suggestions what to do.

The forums is organized by lawn mower brands and small engine brands.

The Lawn Forum LogoTheLawnForum.com

  • Threads: 509k
  • Members: 18k

What makes The Lawn Forum GOOD?

The Lawn Forum is a well organized forum with discussion on every you would expect: pest control, nutrients, equipment, types of grass, landscaping, home improvement and gardening.

It has less members than the other forums so far but the members are active and keen for discussions.

DECENT Tier Forums:

My Lawnmower Forum LogoMyLawnMowerForum.com

  • Threads: 97k
  • Members: 13k

What makes MyLawnmowerForum.com DECENT?

We like this forum but had to keep in the DECENT tier instead of bumping it into the GOOD tier. DECENT is still decent and we visit it weekly but it isn’t active enough to be more than DECENT tier. It get 2-3 posts a day and those get 2 – 3 messages each. So year, not very active.


They still have a good library of information in their archives to do with fixing your lawn mower.

Lawn Service Forum LogoLawnServiceForum.com

  • Threads: 157k

Another DECENT tier forum is Lawn Service Forum. They have good info and threads but the website is slow and clunky and the activity traffic isn’t there. If they don’t sort out there website speed then they will drop to the MEH tier.

MEH Tier Forums:

Houzz lawn care forum logoHouzz.com/discussions/lawn-care

  • Threads: 17k

This forum is MEH tier because the activity isn’t there. There is maybe 1 post every 2 days and that post gets maybe 1 message back.

There You Have It

That’s our lawn care and lawn mower forum tier list.

Check out the BEST and GOOD tier forums and have some fun, learn some stuff.

About your guide: Jamey Kramar is a certified Lawn Care Manager (NALP) and a Mechanical Engineer by trade. He has been writing about outdoor power equipment for 13 years and has been quoted in NYTimes, Popular Mechanics, HowStuffWorks, iFixit, Realtor.com, and more. He spends his spare time obsessing over his 1/4 acre lawn.